Posted by: forgingahead | December 4, 2010

Now Voyager is Healed

My beautiful horse has been struggling with lameness again these last few months. A couple of good weeks interrupted by several not so good weeks.

Suspiciously, he was always perfectly fine when turned out to pasture. Galloping around with wild abandon.

I tried a variety of things but also felt that perhaps rest would help. Which was a convenient thing to tell myself because my work schedule was keeping me from the spending large chunks of time at the barn anyway.

Finally, the day after Thanksgiving, the vet and I met each other at the barn. Now Voyager cooperated by showing off his lameness.

We blocked (numbed) the heel of his hurt hoof and he trotted off pain-free. Ah ha!

Then we x-rayed the navicular bone and surrounding area. The good news is nothing major showed on the x-ray.

Which, of course, is also the challenge. After much discussion we decided to inject the coffin joint with cortisone to knock back any inflammation. Note: we did this very same thing a year ago. Coincidence? I think not. Something is definitely up.

Lucky for me my vet and my farrier collaborate on challenging cases. They talked amongst themselves and decided to provide relieve by putting a bar shoe on the left foot and frog pads on both front feet.

I’ll be darned, it worked! Well, one of the three things we did worked. Or all three together.

Now Voyager and I had a lovely ride today between rain storms. Relieved doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.



  1. Maybe your vet and farrier and my podiatrist should have a discussion, because I think NV and I are getting very similar treatment. So glad he’s no longer hobbling around!

  2. I agree with Clair, I need your farrier and podiatrist! I think it’s wonderful that they can get together to problem solve. I’m especially happy for NV and for you. Everyday counts.
    Can you tell me where I can find “pool” shoes? I saw them worn by some people in a Utube video but I’ve never seen them in the store.

  3. You will have to post a close-up of his hoof/pastern: if he has the typical TB underslung heel, he is probably suffering from chronic strain of deep flexor tendon +/- bruising of digital cushion…

    In any case, infrequent cortisone inj’s & “special needs” shoes (like my Quig, he has navicular) are just the ticket! Glad that he’s trotting out sound nevertheless.

  4. So glad to hear this good news. The photograph is fabulous; tells all….

  5. Hooray to the healing powers that be!

  6. Glad everything worked out for you and your friend Now Voyager. It was one of those days in the Bay Area where you realize how beautiful it is where you live.

  7. Yeah!! Glad NV is feeling better!

  8. That’s wonderful you were able to come up with solution by working with your providers, I wish all horse owners paid as much attention and tried as hard! I was probably at Cavalia the same night as you. [:o)

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