Posted by: forgingahead | November 24, 2010


Cavalia was totally amazing. If you get a chance to catch the show I would count it a must-see. The entertainment factor is super high, whether you’re a horse fan or not.

I wrote this piece for California Riding Magazine if you want all the details of the magic.

Best wishes to you and yours for a fabulous Thanksgiving!


  1. The show sounds amazing, I didn’t know it was related to the Circ de soleil. It was fun reading the piece you wrote.
    I hope you had a nice holiday, I can’t believe it’s almost December!

  2. Ha ha ha, I just drove by a billboard this afternoon for Cavalia and I was going to hit you up and see what you thought and if it was worth buying tickets. You read my mind, will read your review, thanks!

  3. Lovely descriptions in your article. It felt like I was there. Nice background info as well. Thank you!

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