Posted by: forgingahead | November 2, 2010

Giants Rock

The San Francisco Giants are world champions and my city is lit up a light an orange and black Christmas tree.

After the final pitch last night I walked out to my back deck and soaked up the sounds of celebration. The energy of a city full of people all cheering for the very same thing is satisfying.

Especially the night before an election that will invariably be divisive.

I’m one of those fair weather fans. Don’t really follow baseball but am happy to go to a game if invited.

However I did watch a few of these last games and I now have two favorites.

Buster Posey – the rather tall (6’2″) rookie catcher – handsome, charming Southerner. Oh right, we’re talking about baseball. Yep, he’s athletic too.

Tim Lincecum – quintessential Pacific Northwest kid and totally amazing pitcher. Check out his delivery:

and then the pitch…

Now that’s some serious torque.

Wish I had a voice with which to cheer. Alas I’ve fallen victim to some evil virus that has morphed into a bronchial issue. I’m off to the doctor to get some little yellow pills. His description, not mine. I feel very Alice in Wonderland.



  1. Oh, no, what a lousy time to be sick. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Yeah for the Giants!!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Congrats to YOUR team! I thought of you when they won, everyone in the streets looked thrilled!

    Take care of yourself!!

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