Posted by: forgingahead | November 1, 2010


We have a skunk that lives in the yard next door. He/she is pretty shy, as I think is the skunk nature. This one loves birdseed though and will venture out at dusk to snack on the leavings from the bird feeder in the tree.

Our neighbor called last night and said if we wanted a good view, now was the time. So we snuck out the back door and took a peek.

Skunky has a bright white patch on her head and instead of the usual one stripe down the back she has two. The white stripes were more of a cream color due to lack of polishing. But pretty adorable all the same.

I think Zinger and Darkman hang with Skunky sometimes. Haven’t been sprayed yet, thank goodness.



  1. I heard somewhere that skunks actually make great pets (once their scent glands have been removed, that is…). I’ve never seen one up close but would love to. Very nice.

  2. We had a whole family that lived in our yard a few years ago. The mom and babies would walk around and dusk and they were so cute!

  3. I’m impressed zinger & darkman are friends with skunk! 🙂 Very cool.

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