Posted by: forgingahead | October 22, 2010


Henny, my mother-in-law, arrived the other day via Amtrak. She took the train from Santa Barbara to San Jose. Sat on the second level, ocean-side and enjoyed the view for 7+ hours. A positively relaxing alternative to air travel these days if you have the time.

She’d packed a lunch and thermos of coffee for the trip. When we picked her up in San Jose for the hour long drive home we asked if she was hungry.

“Maybe,” she replied. “We could stop for a hamburger along the way,” we offered. She sort of thought about that. “Is it the kind of hungry that if a hamburger appeared you would eat it?” I asked. “Yes, exactly,” she said.

And that’s how we came to be at the In-N-Out Burger in Daly City at 9:30 Tuesday night. A quiet little spot when we arrived.

Within 10 minutes, however, the line was out the door. As near as I could figure by the uniforms and Greek lettering there were two high school girl volleyball teams and one sorority from San Francisco State.

The few guys that happened along all got on their smart phones and sent out word to their buddies.

No, I made that last part up.

Excellent people watching. Such energy and enthusiasm. I did feel just a little bit like an oldster marveling at the nightlife.



  1. What a crowd. And the made up part about the smart phones isn’t too far off. Please tell me the sorority and volleyball teams had their burgers and then went next door for Krispy Kreme.

    • OMG I forgot that part! The volleyball girls were bringing in the Krispy Kremes by the boxload! The sorority sisters, not so much.

  2. Makes me hungry for an hamburger! Say hi to Henny. I know she will enjoy her visit. She is such a positive person and seems to enjoy wherever she is.

  3. Some great lines in this post, but my favorite:

    “Is it the kind of hungry that if a hamburger appeared you would eat it?” I asked.

  4. The drive-thru at our local In-N-Out is always around the block, and the inside is never less crowded. I guess we’re fortunate to have one, and I hope your mom-in-law enjoyed hers. Nice way to gauge her hunger level.

  5. I think that someday I would like to have the time to take the train like that. Sounds wonderful.

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