Posted by: forgingahead | October 14, 2010


Not enough of it these days.

I’ve formulated a plan wherein I wake up before I go to bed.

Then maybe, just maybe, I can do it all.

Or at least the things I want to do.

Like ride Now Voyager. I did that this morning and was in absolute heaven.

And go for a run. I did that a week ago in Montreal through the magical mountain park filled with leaves packed with changing leaves. More heaven.

Ride my bike for miles and miles and miles. Bert and I did take advantage of one of those rare warm mornings last weekend to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge and down into Sausalito. It was Fleet Week too so there was a majestic parade of ships heading into the bay as we crossed the bridge.

And yoga. I’ve decided to do 15 minutes of yoga before I go to bed every night. That’s my promise to myself.

Mostly I miss my friends, my family (Hi MOM!), my bloggy buddies and triathlon pals.

How about we all meet in this incredibly peaceful looking meadow? Who’s in?



  1. me…me…ME!! I have WAAAAY too much going on the last few weeks and it will culminate in a week and a bit and I am TIRED. But will push on through. Sometimes life is its own endurance test. 🙂

  2. Count me in. This morning at the stables must have been just beautiful. Hope you get some time to enjoy your weekend!

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