Posted by: forgingahead | September 30, 2010

Life Update

Since my last triathlon I’ve been a little lost training-wise and a little swamped work-wise. Which has led to a serious decline in both my doing interesting things and then blogging about them.

Is that going to change in the near future? Not entirely sure.

I also blame the heatwave the Bay Area has been locked in for the last week. Really, how can one have a coherent thought with a hot laptop sitting on a hot lap? Rhetorical question. I enjoyed all the sunshine though and took full advantage by going on late night runs and early morning bike rides.

So a quick update for those who wonder how Kathleen’s world is going. Scary to refer to oneself in the third person.

Training-wise I’m attempting to run more than once a week, I did a lovely but short bike ride out to the ocean one morning and I even got back in the pool after a 2 month hiatus. Progress!

Horsey-wise Now Voyager continues to flummox me with random lameness that we suspect is caused by rambunctious playing with the horse next door. See, there are consequences to banging your hoof against the pipe fence. Steel pipe tends not to give. He’s not super lame – just lame enough that all I do is brush him, feed him carrots and tell him how handsome he is. Smart horse.

Travel-wise I’ve recovered from my SF to Atlanta to SF to Chicago to SF 10 day adventure and am now ready to go to Montreal. Anyone know of something good running trails in Montreal? Preferably well-lit ones that are safe to travel at night.

Fun-wise I’ve discovered a new author. New to me. My aunt and uncle gave me The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove for my birthday. Christopher Moore is priceless. Certainly not going to appeal to everyone but he’s just what this girl needs – a romping good adventure filled with laughs.

I’ve been reading all your blogs in stolen moments. Don’t always have time to comment but it’s nice to know what you’re all up to.



  1. Ah, horses & their self-destructive tendencies…
    Our 4-yr old TWH filly had cut the medial bulb of her LF heel which wasn’t too bad – then last week she must have gone BACK to whatever she cut it on, & peeled it back even FURTHER! so now it’s a big mess…
    But you’d like to wrap ’em up in a padded stall sometimes!
    Maybe I can interest you in the MS150 ride; my friend Karen & I are going to make another “run” at it (us. 1st weekend in May)?

  2. I always blame everything on the weather.
    Or politicians.

    Or both.

  3. Glad you are doing a bit of this and that. Montreal is cool…but I don’t have suggested routes for you. Enjoy the travel.

  4. Is it possible to wrap the stall posts instead of the horse? Seems like that might work if possible.
    Save the book for me. Sounds like a fun read!
    Stay cool. Love, Mom

  5. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing well, I didn’t realize you were traveling so much, did you do that last year?
    The NV update was fun but I’m sorry about his frisky antics…I guess horses just don’t learn certain lessons. Have fun in Montreal, your cute boots should come in handy!

  6. Thank goodness the heatwave is over, a couple of those days were nearly unbearable. My mare is always finding new and innovative ways to hurt herself, I think that’s what happens when you put a creature whose ancestors ran wild in a stall, every once in a while that ancient instinct kicks in (sometimes literally). We must meet up sometime IRL.

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