Posted by: forgingahead | September 19, 2010


I’d like to lodge a complaint with the fitness gods. Why must fitness leave the body at a rate roughly 10 times faster that it builds? Please email the answer to jumpmarketing at gmail dot com.

Seriously, it’s been 7 weeks since my last triathlon. And yes, I took some time off (a few weeks?) to deal with a cranky knee.

And no, I haven’t been very consistent about the training I’ve done in the last few weeks. A run here and there mostly.

But does that really mean that the first time back in the pool in 7 weeks that my arms have to feel like they’re made of concrete?

And my bike ride today. Granted it was through the city and made up mostly of pretty darn steep hills. But is that reason enough for my legs to be filled with lead?

The good news? The next time a swim, or a bike, or a run feels relatively effortless I’m going to appreciate it!

I leave you with a photo of a horse made of sticks that I came across in a little neighborhood park in Chicago.

Speaking of horses, Now Voyager is lame. Again. Mysteriously. He was fine while I was traveling for the last two weeks. Coincidence?


  1. I agree! What is it with fitness?? I wish it would just hang on forever, powered by the cupcakes in your last post! No fair.

  2. I’m with Meghan, powered by cupcakes would be great! I just heard that our Governor still works out two times a day, getting up at 5:30 am every day for his first work-out. So the message is that we must incorporated it into our every day life, I guess.
    I vote for powered by cupcakes.

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