Posted by: forgingahead | September 8, 2010

Hotlanta #2

I’m all out of clever words. Here are a few pics.

My day began with this view out my hotel window:

That was the first and last time I saw the sky all day. The joys of windowless hotel meeting space. My event was a big success by the way. I’m just whining about missing the sun in the sky today. I am thankful for the work. Let me be very clear about that.

This is a sample of the wallpaper in my room. Really the room is 99 percent black and gray with just a smidgen of this lovely foil concoction gracing discreet corners. W Hotels love to be edgy.

My event ended around 9pm and then I had to catch up on some stuff. Around 10pm I was itching to go for a run. I’d done a casual survey and everyone agreed I should stay IN the hotel. Atlanta is apparently not well known for its safe streets.

But I’m a city girl. Maybe a touch too brave for my own good. And I couldn’t miss the chance to run on a 71 degree night (with 70 percent humidity!). So I checked with the valet parking guys. I’ve found them to be fairly reliable advisers of the safest running routes.

These guys did not disappoint. “I’d run on Peachtree,” said the big guy, with the other big guy nodding along. “And then I’d go,” tilting his head in thought, “that way on Peachtree.” He looked at the other guy who agreed again.

They were right. A nice 2.5 mile fairly flat run on really wide and well lit sidewalks filled with other runners and late night diners. All very safe.

And they handed me a cold bottle water when I returned. Nice!

p.s. Thanks Maggs and RocketPants for encouraging me to dial back the mileage while recovering!


  1. Those valet guys were good – they sent you on part of the Peachtree 10K route. It’s supposed to be one of the best races in the country. How exciting!

  2. Love it, that’s awesome that you went on a run anyway, I would have just hit the treadmill. But then again, I always choose the treadmill if I can, I think I was a hamster in my past life.

  3. Kathleen, outdoohfr is me, forgot I was logged into my school blog, yikes.

  4. Oh… that sounds like a nice run! A little arm for me, but flat – I don’t get much flat here 🙂

  5. I’m so not a night runner…can’t even do it very well in areas I’m familiar with much less a new city. Glad you had a good run.

  6. You are very brave to run that late in a strange city (though Peachtree is fairly safe). Reminds me of when I went for an early morning run in San Jose. The valet guys told me to stay away from this one riverfront path at that hour. I didn’t listen and sure as shootin’ had a very scary encounter — the kind that kept me indoors the rest of the trip.

  7. You’ve certainly got the bug… running at 10pm!

    What are you going to do next?

  8. I love it that you ran in a strange city but it was smart to have checked first! I’m happy that your even went well and that you “appreciated” that wallpaper. Edgy indeed!
    Missed you and NV. Hope all is well.

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