Posted by: forgingahead | September 6, 2010

Triathlon Recovery: Extended Version

It’s been 5 weeks since Barb’s Race. What has this triathlon-obsessed girl been doing? Not much.

The first post-race week I fully intended to rest. The powers that be made triple sure I stuck to my plan by felling me with a head cold. One that lasted longer than it should have.

I didn’t need the cold to slow me down because I’d come pretty close to burnout right before the race. Making the time to put in all those miles started making me cranky. And I couldn’t wait for all the free time I’d have post-race.

Then there’s my knee pain. I am all about the going long, not going fast. And long for me means years of training in my future. Injury-free training. So when my knee pain didn’t go away lickety-split after a week of rest I grew concerned.

Let me recap in case you lost track of my excuses reasons for resting:
1. Burnout
2. Knee pain
3. Head cold
4. Plain old vanilla post-race rest plan

At the end of week two I found myself bored with resting and went for a 5 mile run. Knee did not hurt during run. Knee became rather alarmingly stiff post-run.

Rest for another week and then try spin class. Similar symptoms.(Week 3 post-race)

Learn nothing from my experience thus far and try another spin class the following week (this is number 4).

Have dinner with Charisa who diagnoses the problem. Do my dead-simple leg exercises. Start to feel better

So in the fifth week post my first (and likely only) 70.3 race I did a little 4 mile run. And felt great.

Being of the “more is better” way of thinking today I tried a 6 mile run.

In the beginning my legs burned and my heart was protesting the effort. My belly felt all jiggly. None of this is too surprising after effectively 5 weeks of rest.

Then, around mile 4, I finally decided I’m a runner. 40 minutes into my run I felt stronger than I did at the beginning. I was in a groove.

Of course I must admit that 10 minutes later I started walking here and there – the invincible feeling having taken a hike. But that’s ok too.

Maybe now I can get back into some sort of training program.



  1. I just ordered a couple of new DVD’s for exercise inspiration…
    “Strong Knees” has way too much blah-blah (I already KNOW which muscles go where & do what; let’s just get to the exercises shall we?), but has deceptively simple yet apparently effective exercises.

    Now if only I could find one for my R heel! (time to see my podiatrist for another one of those magical cortisone inj’s)

  2. Don’t over do it. A lot of 4 mile runs where you feel good are better than a couple 6 mile runs where you die at the end.

  3. Glad you are feeling better, but I echo Maggs…don’t kill yourself and your knee in the process of feeling better. You will get there with some time. Glad things are on the up and up though.

  4. You ARE a runner 🙂 Glad you are feeling better.

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