Posted by: forgingahead | August 31, 2010

Spectating Alcatraz

I got to watch Charisa race the Alcatraz this weekend!

Check out this awesome video Kiet made of Charisa’s race.

This was my first time as a pure spectator at a race and this was a fun one to watch. I knew three of the top ten pro women!

Courtenay came in 6th
Charisa came in 7th
Kelly came in 9th

Well, I use the word “know” loosely. Courtenay and Kelly are bloggy friends. I finally tracked Kelly down after the race and introduced myself. Courtenay I cheered on the run but couldn’t find her post-race.

Charisa and I have gone from being blog-friends to real-world friends. She’s a gem!

It was exciting to see these girls go so fast! I get the same chills when watching someone ride a Grand Prix dressage test.

That’s what professionals do – inspire the amateurs. I’m inspired.



  1. Isn’t it awesome when friends on the internet become friends in real life? Glad you enjoyed your day as a spectator!

  2. I love spectating at races. Gives you a different perspective and helps you when it’s your turn to return to the start line. (I love meeting bloggy friends too!)

  3. Thanks for cheering and stuff! Great to meet you; sorry if I was sort of totally completely out of it.

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