Posted by: forgingahead | August 26, 2010

Sundresses and Shorts

It was super hot earlier this week and us city kids celebrated by breaking out of our usual uniform of shades of gray and black.

The streets were filled with brightly colored sundresses, skirts and an abundance of shorts.

If I sound wistful, I am. The fog rolled back in last night. This morning on my BART ride downtown we were all dressed head to toe in our usual uniform.

I miss the sun and the sundresses.

On a cheerier subject, my knee seems to be responding positively to spin class. And I can’t wait for Charisa to arrive this weekend. She’s racing Alcatraz!



  1. Have fun cheering Charisa on this weekend.

  2. Don’t put the sundresses too far away, summer will be back soon. And have fun this weekend!

  3. Enjoy the week end and the sun will be back soon in this crazy season. Here also we alternate a hot week with a fresh week.

  4. I am thinking beachwear shops don’t do well up there. Don’t push that sundress to the back of the closet just yet. September is always the hottest month.

  5. I hope the sunshine comes back to enjoy a bit before fall comes. Have fun cheering Charissa on this weekend!!

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