Posted by: forgingahead | August 5, 2010

In Search of Sunshine

I need some of this right now. Sunshine. Blue sky. A flower-filled field to lay around in. Totally fed up with the gray skies of San Francisco. Perhaps I’ll move to Italy.



  1. A visit to So Cal. to visit Charisa and I and run a few laps around a sunny lake area? It’s not Italy but it’s sunny now(finally)!

  2. Sunshine is overrated. We were having an unusually cool summer until it stopped raining, and now it’s sunny, dusty, and unbearably hot.

  3. can I come with you to Italy….pretty please???

  4. I’m sorry you’re not in NY this week. It’s super sunny and really, really warm. I’ll send warm, sunny thoughts your way!

  5. I was visiting from Seattle and we went to the GG Bridge and Wharf on Thursday. It’s really not too bad there compared to Seattle. Just a little glimpse on the bright side. Santa Cruz is just a short drive.

  6. I’m headed to Napa tomorrow – I just betta find sunshine over there….If not, I’m off to italy with you…where should we start?

  7. Andiamo! Mi manca Italia molto!
    yeah, this weather blows.

  8. All that gloom in SF would drive me crazy too, but it’s just a short drive to many places that are sunny!

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