Posted by: forgingahead | August 3, 2010

The Aftermath

Kiet warned me that I might get sick. Something about the stress of doing an endurance event lowering my immune systems resistance.

Kiet, are you psychic? Because I am, in fact, sitting here blowing my nose endlessly and what started out this morning as a scratchy feeling in my throat is getting angrier by the moment.


The good news is my left knee continues to feel better! I barely noticed any pain today which is a big improvement over yesterday. A week of rest should be just the ticket to a fully recovered body.

Fingers crossed.

Do you guys sometimes feel like the race was strange dream sequence? I have this odd feeling of being so separate from what happened on Saturday. Or am I *special* in this regard?

My goal this week is to see Now Voyager several times! I miss my horse. He too is recovering from a bit of tendon soreness so the downtime has been good for him. And I gave him a bath on Monday. He’s not really a fan of bathes but he tolerates a lot of things I do because he loves me.



  1. Hope you feel better. Find some L-glutamine or it might just be labeled Glutamine. it stimulates the immune system. Might have to look at a health food store or vitamin shop type place.

    Have fun with New Voyager. It’s always nice to have something else to do when recovering from a race.

  2. the stress on the body does take it’s toll, my trail marathon was followed up by a nasty bladder infection. i’m guessing the dreamlike state your in could have something to do with the fact that
    YOU JUST COMPLETED A HALF-FREAKING IRONMAN! float and gloat, lady you earned it, oh and get a massage and ben and jerry’s is nice too:)

  3. ohhh that is a bummer! hope you feel better soon.

  4. I’m glad NV can’t catch your cold. Feel better soon!

  5. Kathleen, go buy some Vitamin D, it’s the new miracle vitamin for me. I felt something come on and took about 8000 IU, anything under 10,000 is safe. I did a blog on Vitamin D and am attaching the link. See you Friday and text or call me if you don’t feel up for it and we can reschedule!

  6. Feel better! Enjoy some down with NV and you will be like-new soon 🙂

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