Posted by: forgingahead | July 31, 2010

Barb’s Race Half Ironman Results

It’s official. I am slow. But I’m good with that. Because quite frankly this distance scared me. And I did finish. It just took me a while.

For the first time I was a bundle of nerves for a week before the race. And at the start my heart was jumping around trying to get out.

I’ll do a more thorough race report later but the highlights are:

1. I drafted a slow person in the river and was happy to do it. My time 48:41

2. On the bike I stopped at every rest stop, used the restroom, refilled my water bottles and made sure I had enough food. My time 4:15

3. My knees started hurting on the run at about Mile 7. And got progressively worse. So I walked. A lot. My time 3:03

T1 was 9 minutes and for some reason T2 didn’t register for anyone they finally listed T2 as 6:53 so I guess that got tacked onto the run. I’m guessing about 5 minutes.

Final time: 8:23
Final place: 354341 is my new place – I guess they keep adding data – out of 369372 overall and 57 out of 60 in my age group. S.L.O.W.

It was a fun race. We got lucky with the weather not getting super hot. I never got dehydrated, never bonked. Didn’t flat (though my back tire was mysteriously completely flat when I picked it up after the race.)

Was cheered along by Kiet on the course several times (he was doing the full ironman so he kept lapping me) which helped my energy level a lot. Congrats Kiet on 4th Age Group and 14th Overall! (His time was 10:38!)

Getting blown by on the bike course by the really fast guys was fun. It’s like they’re doing a completely different sport.

Congrats to Kelly Dunleavy too who took 1st in her Age Group and 8th Overall with a time of 5:12!



  1. “Getting blown by on the bike course by really fast guys was fun. It’s like they’re doing a completely different sport”….That just funny….I had to put my coffee down from laughing so hard. Congratulations, what an accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations! I knew you could do it.

  3. Yeah….but you finished!!!! And I am in awe and proud of you…..

  4. Congrats again!

  5. Congrats to my amazing, beautiful daughter. You are an inspiration. I love seeing you challenge yourself and fulfill your dreams. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. I love you.


  6. OK, your mom’s comment was just plain sweet and precious! You ARE loved and cherished…
    Great job on your race, it is just inspiring all the way around to hear about your efforts and accomplishments. Way to go!

  7. Awesome job! Way to complete it. You got out there and did what so many other people can’t or are too scared to try. Who cares what time you had? It sounds like you had a fun race and that is what it is about. Having fun and enjoying all aspects of it. Way to go!!

  8. Kathleen, like how terse your post is, it’s comical in a good way, I think I need to follow your lead. It made me laugh because I can totally see you moving at this relaxed pace through aid stations in this sea of frenzied racers. It was nice to spot a familiar face out on the course and your “GO’s” encouraged me as much as mine did for you. We are even.

  9. Awesome – you did it!! You were not slow – you raced smart and did not get dehydrated, sick, etc! I think it’s great!!

  10. Wow….you are amazing.

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