Posted by: forgingahead | July 28, 2010

Amped Up

I’m pretty good about steering clear of processed food and when I do go down that path I read the ingredient labels and actively avoid corn syrup.

Last night I was tired and we shopped at Whole Foods late and I grabbed a container of baklava from the prepared food refrigerated section.

I happily munched away assuming the tasty dessert was made with honey.

Shortly after brushing away the final crumbs from the plate my heart started to go wild.

I could feel it beating and it was beating fast. And kept doing so for hours. I was up until 2am listening to my heart.

This from the girl who really needs her sleep right now.

At some point I got up and went to read the ingredients on the label.

Corn syrup was the first one listed.

Just now I did some searching on the web and it turns out corn syrup can cause heart palpitations. I clearly had consumed WAY more than my body is ever even remotely used to and it went into shock.


Have any of you had this experience?


  1. woa! I haven’t ever heard that, but just one more reason to avoid the stuff! Wonder if the US’s heart disease issues have anything to do with this wildly abundant sweetner?? Interesting. Hope you catch a nap!

  2. Wow! That’s a little scary. Hope you were able to sleep in this morning.

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