Posted by: forgingahead | July 27, 2010

Barb’s Race Weather

Someone went to all the trouble to set up the parameters to read the weather the Vineman Barb’s Race for the race this Saturday July 31st!

Check this awesome weather page out.

Looks like I get cloud cover until 10:30 and then the sun will break free! I’m already starting to hydrate in preparation!

There’s another helpful link regarding water temperature in the Russian River. David Latourette of Vineman posts updates to the forum. It seems to be around 72 degrees in the morning. We can wear wetsuits up to 78 degrees.

I’m going to Sports Basement tonight to look into renting a sleeveless suit.

Kiet is feeling so energetic in his taper that I’m looking forward to finding him on the course Saturday and sharing in his positive energy!

I decided yesterday that my taper was wearing me out so I’ve backed off a bit. I want to be feeling as springy as Kiet.


  1. I’ll be cheering for you on Sunday. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  2. Cloud cover? Fabulous! I hope you can out-race the sunshine. Good luck on Sunday!

  3. Taper can make you feel worn down. Drink lots of fluids, sleep lots, and eat well. What’s hard is that usually pretty hungry so try to keep that in control. Even if you back off on the taper a bit, don’t back off on keeping some intensity on what you do plan to do. The reason why is that it helps you feel springy come race day. Taper totally messes with your head, but don’t fully drop what you are doing or you will feel like a rock on race day.

    Hopefully it won’t get too hot on the course. Always ask for ice at the aid stations on the run. I asked at EVERY aid station and i think that’s why i survived the 109 degree heat last year.

  4. Gosh, Rocketpants should publish his advice, I LIKE it! Good luck this weekend, sorry I missed you during the marathon, it was a whirlwind weekend but I did think of you! Can I just move in with you permanently? Your area sounds heavenly and I already love your city…
    Voyager? I haven’t heard much of him lately!

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