Posted by: forgingahead | July 25, 2010

Cycling Highlights

I did my last long bike ride today pre-Barb’s Race. And I saw a few things that made me smile.

Now that’s efficiency – bike to your surf put-in. Very nice.

Then later riding down a quiet backcountry road south of Half Moon Bay – remember, this is pretty early in the morning – I hear a truck honking its horn.

I look up to the top of the hill where the truck appears to be in the midst of a standoff with a large cow. Then the truck hangs a sharp right and starts down the steep dirt track. And keeps honking.

The cow starts to follow. And moo. And then lo and behold more cows join in.

I do believe I witnessed a cattle roundup with one truck. Pretty spiffy.

And I saw several of these beauties. Two were perched side by side on matching posts. A third one was dominating a hay bale. I just love how patiently they wait for their snacks to happen along. They are huge raptors.

Taper seems to be going fairly well. The usual aches and pains creeping in to create the usual doubt. Now Voyager must be feeling sympathy pains because he pulled up lame today. But I’m ignoring both his pains and mine in the hope that they disappear go ahead with my neurotic planning of what to pack, what to wear, etc. Five days left!



  1. We have those surf racks on bikes all over here! But I’ve never seen one with a long board. That looks like it takes talent to ride.

    Hope the little aches and pains go away. I usually feel a few more during taper…make sure you stretch, roll, whatever you normally do.

    Are you getting excited? can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I’m trying to fathom how it must feel with a heavy board pulling you to the side as your ride. Love that photo, and ingenuity.

  3. Roundup by truck doesn’t surprise me much. I once watched my husband herd some cows out of the road from his bicycle. He made a funny-looking cowboy, but he got the job done.

  4. Good luck this week. Rest up and eat healthy. Aches and pains are part of taper. You will be great! Stretch a bit more and roll things out.

  5. Less than 6 days, are you full of energy like I am? Tapering is awesome!

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