Posted by: forgingahead | July 22, 2010

Foggy Funk

San Francisco is known for its summer fog.

I know this. I grew up here. But still the reality of waking up to gray skies every. single. morning. is starting to get old.

It’s not just me. The topic of conversation on BART and in office hallways throughout the city is the fog. We all want to know if our colleagues from other Bay Area micro-climates are seeing the sun.

My buddy Charisa is racing the Lake Placid Ironman this weekend and she has some photos on her blog of seriously dark skies. Good Luck Charisa!! I’d go for some of those rainclouds right about now. At least they do their business, dump the rain and move on.

Fog, on the other hand, moves in, settles down and refuses to budge for days on end.

Check out Clair’s photos of her bike ride yesterday. Fog.

Now Voyager’s coat was sleek and shiny as a new copper penny a couple of weeks ago. Back when we had sun. Now he’s getting fuzzy again to protect himself from the cold marine layer that envelopes him all day, every day.

I would be excited about seeing the sun next weekend on my race except check out Maggs’ photos of her race (same course) last weekend. Yep, more fog. And congrats Maggs on a strong race and toughing out the cold. I would NOT have been a happy camper cycling through the fog in a wet swimsuit. She is hard core.

Bert and I spent a good part of the morning planning our weekend activities which will be 100% guided by “where is there sun?”

Thanks all for the taper advise. Less time, same intensity. Words to live by.


  1. I just can’t get over the temperature changes you guys have. how do you dress on a daily basis? I’d have 4 different outfits.

  2. Maggs, we wear lots of layers, and always bring a jacket. And a scarf. It’s kind of ridiculous.

    The sun is shining in my neighborhood right now and I want to invite everyone I know to come stand in front of my building to soak up some rays. Hang in there, Kathleen. The fog will clear soon.

  3. the fog does get monotonous. the bay area and it’s goofy micro-climates…always messing with us outdoorsy types…on the upside, gloomy days are conducive to rest and baking:D

  4. We’ve had overcast skies all month, it is SO strange! I can’t wait to drive though the Central Valley, for once in my life!
    If you email me, I can send you my cell and maybe we can meet for a hug on Sat. or Sunday? My trip would be complete if I could meet you, Charisa speaks so highly of you! Of course, I already knew that you an awesome lady! Hugs, I’ll check my email tomorrow night from Moraga!

  5. Like Meg said, we’ve had strange weather down here in San Diego too. I can relate to the perpetual misty mornings. I lived on an Alaskan island for five years and we’d have steady rain for months at a time. So, I also know the immediate warmth that arrives when the sun finally does shine through.

  6. Yu’all need to come here! We have been having lovely, cool evenings but warm, sunny days. Starts out foggy but that lifts by ten. I think it is about 75 right now with a light breeze. Just perfect for me.

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