Posted by: forgingahead | July 20, 2010


Something is amiss and I cannot figure it out. My head hurts.

It started at the end of my bike ride in the blistering heat of Sonoma County on Saturday and hasn’t left me yet. Advil isn’t really helping either which is weird.

Did I get dehydrated by running in the muggy heat of Dallas and then sitting in an air conditioned meeting room all day?

Did the flight home push me nearer the edge?

And then cycling in the heat of the day? I promise I drank gallons of water and Heed and felt sort of ok until the last hour.

Perhaps it was eating dinner outside afterward on a covered deck. Reflected light is still light and my overly sensitive self may have reached its limit.

I woke up Sunday feeling pretty good and happily treked off to the barn. Even on the foggiest of days the reflected light from all the arenas are bad news. And I stupidly sat outside for hours cleaning my tack. With a hat and sunglasses, but still.

By the time I left the barn the headache was back. And it hasn’t left since.


The good news is the 40 mile bike ride was most of the Vineman course I’ll be riding in two weeks in Barb’s Race and I found it quite enjoyable. My confidence level got a boost!


  1. Hope it goes away soon! And yes, it got hot in the afternoon, but the AM was sort of chilly. Lots of people on the bike in arm warmers etc.

    The bike course is fun though. Never boring, always changing.

  2. Maybe you need a bit of a massage? All that travel and staying in hotel beds and being in meetings can do that. I have a lot of issues with headaches and my neck and massage helps greatly!

    Hope it goes away soon!!

    It is a great bike ride and having seen most of the course i’m sure you will be that much more confident come race day.

  3. headache’s are an issue for me too. i tend to be under hydrated allot of the time. a massage would be nice.

  4. Don’t let your headache go on for too long without seeing someone…I hope you fee better today and tonight. Poor thing 😦 ! I’m glad you’re feeling confident about Barb’s Race, that sounds like fun!

  5. Is it taper time yet? I’m totally in taper mode and am loving it. Just made reservations for a swanky place in Guerneville for the race, they wanted a 3-night minimum because of the race, oh well, I did it.

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