Posted by: forgingahead | June 23, 2010

I Fell Over

It was bound to happen. Hours in the bike saddle and no crashes. Until this morning.

Though you can’t really categorize it as a crash. That would be seriously overstating facts.

What happened was I toppled over. Plain and simple.

There’s this lovely intersection in SF. The St. Francis Circle. A place where several lanes of traffic and a couple of light rail lines converge. It’s dangerous at the best of times.

This morning I arrived to find my way blocked by those giant road dividers.

See I wanted to continue straight from St. Francis onto Sloat which takes me out to the ocean. But the way was blocked.

So I started to go right thinking I could go up the street, find a place to pull a U turn and then work my way over to Sloat.

Alas, just as I realized I needed to stop and assess my options (which were fewer than I first thought) and popped my left foot out of my clip I heard cars coming from behind. Stupidly looking over my left shoulder tilted my bike to the right and down I went trying valiantly to unclip the whole time. And failing.

The good news is no one ran me over while I lay sprawled in the road – well, on the shoulder at least. That “do not” sign is me.

The entire process was so slow motion that I think I’ll live. A nasty bump on my elbow is annoying and my knee is sore but not seriously so. Fingers crossed.

I admit I turned tail and went back the way I came.



  1. Happens to everyone. Clip out one foot and for some reason step down with the other.

  2. Well I’m glad I’m not the only one!
    I fell over the 1st time I tried to ride my “new, refurbished” road bike up our steep hill – couldn’t unclip fast enough.
    & I did it again at the ride, coming into the lunch stop. The injuries to my pride were much worse than my minor scrapes n’ bruises…

  3. Glad you’re ok. I’m pondering whether or not to buy some SPD pedals. It seems that in addition to the improved performance you are also almost certainly guarranteed a few falls like yours!

  4. I’ve heard that this type of fall is almost inevitable with those clips. Glad you are ok though.
    Ride well!

  5. Oh no! I am so glad you weren’t seriously hurt.

  6. So glad you didn’t get hurt, and sorry you missed out on the end of a beautiful ride. That intersection is scary in a car. You’ve got some serious guts to attempt it. Way to go!

  7. Hope you are on the mend and not too much road rash.

  8. I’ve done that. Glad you weren’t hurt in the process. I was more embarrassed by it, but I wasn’t in a highly populated area and worried about cars. I mainly hurt my pride. Glad you are ok.

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