Posted by: forgingahead | June 18, 2010

The Cove: A Must See Documentary

The Cove is a wonderful documentary and an extremely hard film to see through to the end.

New York Times review from when the film opened last summer is a good explanation of what goes on.

I didn’t know anything about the subject when the disc arrived from Netflix (Bert had reserved it) so I was carried along with the story blissfully unaware. For a while at least.

As the story unfolds the enormity of the tragedy becomes more real.

In the little coastal town of Taiji, Japan more than 20,000 dolphins are captured (a few of them are sold to dolphinariums for a pretty penny) and the rest are slaughtered every year. Frustratingly, it’s not illegal because dolphins are not protected by the ban on commercial whaling (which Japan is relentlessly trying to repeal).

What breaks my heart is it’s not necessary. Dolphins, being near the very top of the food chain, have dangerously high levels of mercury – higher than even Japan allows in it’s food for sale. So in addition to killing these beautiful mammals the fisherman are poisoning themselves and their neighbors. Why not just let the ones they don’t sell go free?

Japan isn’t going to listen to a bunch of Westerners tell them how to run their business. Imagine if a group of them came to a U.S. cattle farms and filmed a documentary. Folks wouldn’t like that much.

So here’s what we need to do. Write to our leaders and find creative ways to spread the word in Japan. Right now the team is working hard to get this film shown in Japan. As you can imagine the cinema owners are caving to the pressures of the government who don’t want it’s people to know what’s going on. Because when the Japanese people see this film, they’ll get the government to stop the horror.


  1. I knew about this from Oprah and then they received an Academy Award for best documentary. Don’t know if I can sit through it. Will think about it.
    Hard to watch, I’m sure.

  2. I know I have to see this but it will kill me. I just don’t know if I can watch the torture. So sad but too real. Thanks for the reminders…

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