Posted by: forgingahead | June 15, 2010

Post Office Blues

I had to go to the post office the other day. I’d procrastinated until the last minute (shocking, I know) so it wasn’t something I could put off.

I went at 11:30am thinking I’d beat the lunchtime rush.

Long line. One teller. And this at a big post office in downtown San Francisco.

So I went along my merry way and tried again at 1:30. Thinking I’d miss the lunchtime rush.

Same deal. Maybe even longer line. I stood in it for a few minutes and got depressed. And left.

At 3:00pm armed with a frozen yogurt (chocolate and topped with mini m&ms) I tried again. I figured if I had to wait in a long line at least I’d be happy with my treat.

The moment I walked into the building a could feel a vibe that wasn’t there before. First of all, there was the sound of kids voices. Happy kids voices.

And then there was Santa Claus. Well, not really. But there was a man – a rather jolly US Postal Service employee – walking down the line and helping people preemptively solve their postal problems.

He’d just answered the question of the man with the 10 kids and they were all climbing over the velvet rope and shouting their thanks. Such joy in a post office! And ok, the rope wasn’t velvet, but a girl can embelish.

My line was still long but it provided some entertainment and each person got through the teller transaction portion faster. And there were now two tellers. So all was well. And my piece of mail is in the system.


  1. Maybe the trick is to go to the post office at 3 PM armed with dessert in hand. Love it!

  2. We love our “postal station” inside our Wells Fargo Bank. I appreciate it even more after your story. I will be sure to let the folks there know next time I go. If I have to wait, it is only one or two people ahead of me. Who knew??????

  3. Rincon? I’ve never been when there’s more than one clerk behind the counter. And I’ve never though about taking snacks to the post office. That’s a good way to multitask.

  4. This is great! 🙂

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