Posted by: forgingahead | June 13, 2010

Now I’ve Done It

My quad muscles fully recovered from the half marathon last week. Finally. I’m wondering how you folks do it? I mean I lost a week of hard training due to taper and then another 3 days to recovery. Is that normal? Maybe I’m tapering too much?

My next race, the Golden Gate Triathlon, is in 2 weeks. It’s an Olympic distance and I picked it because it’s here in San Francisco and I thought it would be fun to do a local race. Plus I’m scared of the whole Escape from Alcatraz thing. So this is an alternative.

I sort of vaguely knew that the bike was a multi-loop course in the Presidio. Which certainly has some hills but also some flat areas. I’d conveniently convinced myself the course was more on the flat.

The other morning Bert and I headed out for bike ride. It was lovely sunny morning so we rode through Golden Gate Park, through the tony Sea Cliff neighborhood and up Lincoln Drive.

Lincoln Drive is a strikingly scenic road that parallels the ocean and climbs up towards the Golden Gate Bridge. We hadn’t ridden it in a while and I was surprised at both the climb and the distance. Harder than I remembered.

When I got home I pulled out my course info for the race. Thinking that I should probably figure out just where this bike course is so next time we go out we can ride it.

Oh no.

The bike course leaves Crissy Field, climbs up the hill to the Golden Gate Bridge, drops down the other side (down the hill I’d just climbed that morning) and goes to Sea Cliff.

Where you turn around, climb the hill you just came down until you get to the bridge and then drop down the other side back to Crissy Field.

You do this loop FIVE. TIMES.

22 miles. 3,500 vertical feet of climbing. This is of course after swimming a mile in the ocean and then running 3/4 mile to the transition. And yes, there is climbing on the 6 mile run too. Fun!

Teach me to not pay closer attention to the details before signing up.

We did a 47 mile ride with 3k of climbing today just to get into the swing of things. My legs were shot by the end. I’m going to be very sad on June 27th.


  1. That sounds like a lot of climbing! I didn’t realize it’s 2 weeks away but you’ll be ready!

  2. wow…I feel like I’ve had a good workout if I run over 2 miles in the morning and then summon up the energy to do the elliptical for 30 minutes up at night!!! I keep telling myself that with the horses this is enough…but it ain’t!

    Your ambition and the accomplishment of it takes my breath away…

    but also motivates me to up the ante…thanks!!!

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