Posted by: forgingahead | June 5, 2010

See Jane Run Half Marathon Race Report

I did it. My first half marathon is complete and respectably so. My time was 2:40 and that means I kept up a fairly steady 12 minute mile pace. Normal for me on a long run.

It was super fun running with thousands of other women. I was never alone. I was constantly passing people or being passed. Occasionally I found someone to run with for a while.

See Jane Run puts on a great race – plenty of water, great volunteers, amazing energy. And Alameda is a nice place for a run course – we were on the water’s edge a lot of the time which kept a warm day comfortable with a light breeze off the Bay.

Things I’ll do differently next time:

1. Trim my toenails. I think one was a teensy bit long and over 13 miles that adds up.

2. Carry my own water – then I can drink more over a longer period of time. I ended up pounding 2-3 glasses at each water stop to avoid dehydration.

3. Remember to sunscreen my face. I was so good about doing my arms, legs, back of neck but seem to have spaced on my face. At least I was wearing a hat.

4. Find a really good lightweight longsleeved running top (any suggestions?) because even though my arms didn’t burn I felt my body starting to O.D. on the sun exposure.

And I have got to find a way to take an ice bath. It was over 2 hours before I got home. Do they still work 2 hours later?

My legs are aching and not in a good way. My knees did start to hurt at mile 9 and while it wasn’t debilitating pain it feels like a warning. Suggestions? Will training for longer distances help?

I’ll let you know how well I’m walking on Monday 🙂



  1. Congrats!!! I so admire you.

  2. So awesome – congrats!!! Do you have any compression socks? those help your legs feel better after a long run too.

  3. Great JOB, Sweetie!! I get it on the sun exposure…truly, next time you should use SCAPE! I’ve been wearing in on all my runs and it is incredible!
    I’m happy for you and your HUGE effort!
    Can we meet in SF for the half? I need to meet you!!

  4. nice job.

  5. Great job Kathleen! I am so proud of you…

  6. Way to go, Kathleen!! I’m so glad we got to start together.

  7. AWESOME job!

    Compression type socks do work…granted I only have experience with the less than 20 dollar variety you pick up at CVS…which I think have been great and have mmHg similar to the fancy triathlon ones.

    Ice baths do help later on because they are there to help reduce the swelling in your legs. Also may consider mixing in some fish oil supplements which help with inflammation. That soreness you feel are basically little tears in your muscle that will repair itself and make your legs stronger. Great job!

  8. Congrats on a great finish (you’re a good 50 min ahead of my last half in March, but considering no more training that I put in, I was lucky to FINISH)!

    Last weekend’s brutal heat & humidity sold me on an Underarmour compression shirt; my riding buddy was wearing one (long-sleeves, even!) & swore it was like “air-conditioning”. I didn’t have the heart to get out in the sauna-like conditions this past weekend, but I’ll let you know…

  9. congratulations! sorry i wasn’t in town or i would’ve been there to cheer you on. let’s celebrate soon 🙂

  10. […] to get more comfortable with a 10+ mile run. So I attempted a 10 mile run in Las Vegas and then the half marathon a week […]

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