Posted by: forgingahead | June 2, 2010

So Obvious

At lunch today I was regaling Clair with the story of how I spent my precious holiday (Monday) organizing my clothes.

She didn’t seem bored. Either that or she’s super nice and polite. Which is also true so it can go either way.

I’ll let you decide by regaling you with the same story.

One of our closets is out of commission which means space, already at a premium in the land of small closets (San Francisco), is even tighter. This is a long-winded way of explaining why a bunch of my clothes are piled into one of those baskets that look so stylish on the show floor but are too deep to be truly functional.

And to boot it blocks my dresser drawers rendering them difficult to open. You know, when moving the big basket is the price of getting into said drawer then suddenly the thing I was going to get is not so necessary.

I was whinging about this to Bert a couple of weeks ago. You see at what high levels our discourse is discoursed. To be fair, he would talk about more weighty matters. It’s me that drags the bell curve down to the basement.

Back to my story. So there I am sharing my troubles. And he said, “Move the dresser over 3 inches so you can open the drawers.”

The man is sheer brilliance personified. A genius I daresay.

Then we were off to Vegas and the general chaos that is lately my life took over. Monday morning, Memorial Day, was the first moment I had to implement the grand plan.

Now I must confess that his brilliance sparked a bit of my own. I said to myself, “Why are all your important clothes (horsey gear, running gear, cycling gear, swimming gear) buried in this basket that I have to dig through multiple times a day? And items I never use (slips, dressy tank tops, lacy tights) take up valuable dresser drawer space?”

So I decided to switch!

The result is perfection. Now I can find my running shorts, running capris, running tights and other black bottoms by opening one drawer.




  1. You are so organized – just like your Mom! And you ran 10 miles…..are you sure we’re related?
    You are GREAT!

  2. “It’s me that drags the bell curve down to the basement. “… this is why we love each other so much 🙂
    P.S. You have been making my week… your comments are sparkles distracting me from stress and the mundane.

  3. Ha ha. Thanks. I’m going to redo my closet this summer. I don’t suppose I could ask for some help….

  4. Time to come and help your poor old Mom clean out her closet as well. You always make the job much more fun!



  5. It’s amazing how organization can help us feel so GOOD! I really need to consider doing things differently. Guess what? Thanks to your article, I’m taking a beg. tri swim class. HUGS to you for inspiring us all!

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