Posted by: forgingahead | May 25, 2010

10 Miles Done

I did it! I ran 10 miles this morning. Thanks all for encouraging me to tackle that mileage while I still have time to recover before the See Jane Run Half Marathon on June 5th.

And to celebrate I took my first ice bath ever. C.O.L.D.

The ice bath was made more convenient by the ice machine down the hall from my hotel room. And the big comfy tub inside the hotel room. With little armrests and a slanted back for easy resting. I think I need one of these at home.

I did the loop as I diagrammed it the other day.

Sunrise was slated for 5:26 a.m. and my plan was to be on the run by then. I really hit the strip at about 6:00 a.m. and was pleasantly surprised by the number of fellow runners out and about.

The strip is protected from the sun by the rather large buildings so my first 3 miles was pretty much in the shade. And noisy. Vegas really knows how to go over the top with competing visuals and sheer noise.

Now that I’ve run the strip I have a much better idea of where everything is located. Not that I plan to spend much time utilizing that knowledge.

I stopped at a convenience store around mile 3 and bought more water. I was NOT going to dehydrate on this run. Then I hung a right onto Sahara Blvd and started running in the real Vegas. No glam going on here. 2 miles of that and was happy to see my next right hand turn coming up.

Here I purchased a Clif bar and a Vitamin drink. After turning right onto S. Maryland Blvd I resigned myself to running on a wide, tree-free, car-heavy street for the next 3 miles. Boring. Thank goodness I had refilled my shuffle with new tunes.

I did run by the UNLV campus which looks kind of pretty. Had I energy to spare I would have run through it. But alas.

There was another handy dandy convenience store at my next right hand turn. I was running low on water and needed restroom. This charming place had both.

The last 2 miles was bleak. Sure I was getting tired (though at my shuffling pace who would) but it’s just no fun to run alongside an airport. Now if I’d been running through a wooded forest I bet I’d have gone faster.

Regardless, I was so happy to see the Mandalay Bay towers getting closer with each step.

I did it! 3 pit stops and 3 water/energy stops included the 10 miles took 2 hours and 40 minutes. We’ll see how I feel in a couple of days.



  1. You rock star you!

  2. Awesome!

  3. Way to go Kathleen!

  4. How funny that you should comment on a blog post about turning up the heat after finding my “big chill” post! Congratulations on hitting that 10-mile mark. My favorite long run distance! I tried running in Vegas in August. Never. Again.

  5. Way to go, it sounds like you had a fun run in Las Vegas! Nice job with the 10 miles. Did you see Deena Kastor? I heard she is in LV working at a Garmin exhibit. Darn, maybe you can do some stalking this week???

  6. Nice job!!

  7. Ten miles–congratulations!!!!

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