Posted by: forgingahead | May 23, 2010

Running Short on Running Time

I planned a few races this year ostensibly to keep my training on track. Well that and to get better with each race.

That sort of worked. But mostly it hasn’t. What with Zinger trauma (he’s doing really well by the way). And work busyness.

So I find myself facing my first half-marathon in exactly two weeks and I haven’t put in the mileage.

There’s one thing I know about training. There is no such thing as a shortcut.

Just to double check I went to to see what they recommend.

Let’s see. I’ve been running my 5 mile loop a couple times a week and walking it with Bert a couple more times a week. And then I ran 7 miles a few days ago. I really felt those extra 2 miles in my legs. Right after the run and for the next few days.

So that puts me at about Week 3 of the 10 week training schedule. Oops.

We’re in Vegas for the next few days and I’m planning to run 8-10 miles down the strip early one morning. Thanks Clair for the recommendation! That will bump me up to Week 5 of the schedule.

Here’s my route:

My thinking is that if I can do 10 miles 2 weeks before the race then I still have time to recover (I hope) do a few more runs and taper. You know, compress 5 weeks into 2 weeks.

I’ll let you know how my plan works out.



  1. Good luck on the training. You can make it work b

  2. Good luck!! Life tends to get in the way sometimes, as it should 🙂

  3. Many schedules will only have you run 10 miles as your long run. If you have been pretty consistent (just not the longer runs on the weekend) during the week that is what is important. During taper make sure you have some tempo type of runs even just 30seconds hard, easy a few times. That will keep your legs fresh. But most importantly…listen to your body!

  4. Good luck with your Vegas runs. Now you’ll be prepared in case we have a freak heat wave. I think you’re going to be fine. If nothing else, you won’t be the last one to finish, because I’ll definitely be behind you 🙂

  5. Keep on training as best you can. Life happens!



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