Posted by: forgingahead | May 12, 2010

San Francisco Circa 1906

This is my morning commute. Of course when I go I’m underground on BART.

Market Street. Streetcars still ride the rails. Sadly, there are no more horse-drawn carriages. And it’s not safe for pedestrians to wander freely across the street.

I just love how well-dressed the folks are, even the kids. And check out the hats.

I’m kind of curious what’s in all the big packages that so many people seem to be carrying.

This footage was supposedly shot 4 days before the big quake. Ignorance is bliss.


  1. Everybody is on the move but no one seems particularly frantic. Maybe it’s the great music??

  2. I know! What ARE in those boxes? I also was dying to see the faces of the people waking by, did they even have faces? I love the way the horses are so mellow even though they are being passed and mixed up with cable cars, other wagons, etc. This was a very COOL video, thanks for sharing it! Nice music too.

  3. I think that becasue there were no grocery bags as such in those days, this was just how purchases got wrapped, therefore there was probably an assortment of merchandise in the packages. It looked as though there were a couple of boys who were selling what looked like newspapers of some sort? This really is a wonderful piece of captured history and I agree with how wonderful it is to see how calm the horses are.

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