Posted by: forgingahead | May 6, 2010

Back on Track

Zinger continues to mend and my life is starting to feel just a bit more normal. Normal is good.

I literally dropped everything when the Zinger emergency started and I’ve been slowing picking up the pieces.

There was no training Friday – Monday which is maybe not ideal given my next race is in a week. Oh well, I have a good base and am pretty confident I can get through it without serious stress to my body.

There was no visiting Now Voyager. He also fared well. I saw him last night and he was extra feisty which I take to mean he missed me.

There was no cooking at home. Not that we had much appetite but when we did get hungry we stopped at whatever food source was convenient to reach between our house and the pet hospital. We were going for comfort food too. Pizza, burritos, etc.

Too bad my race wasn’t this weekend. I did my tapering and carbo loading a week early.

Zinger is feeling better. He’s starting to get cranky that we’re not letting him outside. We are letting him out on the deck which is enclosed with a fence. A fence that he’s working hard to get around or over or through. With us sitting right there thwarting his every move. Sorry Zinger!

In other news, I’m rather feeling like the universe is against me just now. So I’m putting positive energy out there. And I’m telling all of you so you remind me. Think positive. Not negative.


  1. Glad to hear Zinger is doing better! Sorry to hear that the world is out to get you. Those times are hard. Hang in there!

  2. Hang in there! Glad Zinger is continuing to do better.

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