Posted by: forgingahead | May 3, 2010

Zinger is Home

Great news – Zinger came home last night! (this photo is from his kitten days)

He responded well to the antibiotics and the chest tube drainage.
After the initial drainage of a ton of pus he didn’t produce any more
which was good news. The xrays they took right after they drained the
pus were not hopeful – his lungs looked pretty damaged from what they
could see. But then they did another set 24 hours later and there was
marked improvement – though still some damage.

They pulled the chest tubes yesterday afternoon and put staples in to
close the incision (which are pretty small) and then we were able to
bring him home.

He is VERY happy to be back home. He’s eating well, he’s drinking
water, using the litter box and sleeping a lot.

He looks pretty punk with his shaved sides and shaved legs – Bert took
some pics which I’ll share later.

The challenge going forward is
1. We don’t know what caused it so it could come back – we should know
more when the culture comes back tomorrow
2. His little lungs got hurt and will take time to recover – though he
is breathing well now.

Thank you for all the good wishes and encouragement. I am so happy to have him home.



  1. So glad to hear Zinger is home and improving – it’s difficult to have a sick pet. Keeping my fingers crossed for continued recovery!

  2. What great news! I love that pic of him smiling with his heart collar.

  3. Huzzah!

  4. So glad to hear that Zinger is better. What an ordeal! I’m struck by how quickly animals get better. A human with purulent collections around their lungs would still be hospitalized and probably would be in for a long haul if they made it at all!

  5. Oh good, so glad Zinger is back at home!!!

  6. Great news…went through heck with my cat back in December…you are right about it being a roller coaster. They are fighters…my Mr. Winston is still with me, so happy to hear Zinger is home and on the mend.

  7. Keep the faith, Zinger! You are a fighter and will heal with all the love of Kathleen and Bert on your side.

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