Posted by: forgingahead | April 21, 2010

One Two Three

I haven’t taken any time off after the race on Sunday. Don’t feel sorry for me. The pace of the race was leisurely compared with my regular training and I only have 4 weeks until my next sprint. So I’m feeling a little behind.

So Monday I joined a spin class at the YMCA. Rhonda was the teacher and she walked right over and introduced herself. I explained that this was my third class ever and I welcomed direction.

I had to chuckle to myself when she called me out by name about 3/4 of the way into the workout.
“Kathleen, when the rest of the class goes down a quarter turn in the next interval – you need to turn it up.”

Busted. Teach me to go down into aero position and look like I’m cruising.

Tuesday I just could not bring myself to get in the pool. I think I need another day to recover from the ice bath swim in the lake.

Instead I sampled the treadmill which is nicely situated in front of windows that both open and have a lovely view of the SF Bay.

Just a nice 5 mile run. And hey look, I can clearly see what my pace is. I run at least a 10 minute mile, right? Apparently not. That or treadmill running is harder than road running. I held that pace for about a minute and then started backing off closer to 11 minute miles.

I have so very far to go. But that’s the fun, no? Room to improve!

Today’s bike ride was awesome. Short, hilly and fast. I love my bike.



  1. You always have such a great attitude. It sounds like you’re working hard!
    Thanks for your support, by the way!

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