Posted by: forgingahead | April 13, 2010

Dallas Adventures

I’m determined to train while I’m on the road this week. And after leaving San Francisco on a truly blustery day I have to say the 80 degree days we’ve been having in Dallas are pretty welcome.

The challenging part about *traveling for work* is the work part of the phrase. Work generally keeps me inside managing the details of my event. And then the warm balmy day is lost to me.

Not to be thwarted I headed out for a run last night. What a treat to run on a warm night. The hotel guys made sure I knew which street to stick to and which direction to go.

The bars and restaurants were still packed at 11pm. Who knew Dallas was such a party town?

Today I realized I forgot to bring my cell phone charger. I have a confession to make and the cool kids are going to drop me like a hot potato. I don’t have a smart phone. Oh yes, I have several well-reasoned arguments. Things like AT&T is terrible in SF (so no iPhone in my future).

The bottom line is I have my many year old Motorola Razr. A pink one. The height of tech fashion at the time when they were hard to get. But sadly worn around the edges now.

I have a secret to share. Did you know all concierges have a box of left behind chargers? And you can ask to go through this box and pick and choose? It’s a little like shopping.

My hotel had a sizeable box of chargers. Mac laptop chargers. PC laptop chargers. About 10 Blackberry chargers. Not one Razr charger.

So I looked up Radio Shack and Google mapped a location two miles away. Called to check they carried such are archaic item. They did.

There was a two hour break in the work and genius here decides to run to the store. At high noon. On an 80 degree day. Hey, at least I had a hat.

The run was mostly fun. I made a game out of finding tree-lined streets to take advantage of the shade. A few times in order to not get lost I ran on a main thoroughfare. That is a thing I shall never do again. Noisy and unpleasant and we’ll leave it at that.

The Radio Shack girl asked if I ran there. I wonder if it was the dripping sweat or the beet red face that tipped her off? She did kindly offer me some tissue. Probably to dampen the flow of sweat polluting her counter.

I made it back to the hotel. Even rejoined a street I’d run on the night before and was starting to feel like a local.

Tomorrow? The pool. It looks lovely. And I think I can find an hour in my day to make it happen.



  1. Yes training while traveling is tough. Good luck! And gasp…i don’t have a smart phone yet…but i’m doing the: AT&T iphone vs. Verizon Google phone debate. Pros and cons.

  2. I used to have a RAZR. I had no interest in getting a smart phone…until my husband got an iPhone. Now I have it and I love it.
    I know AT&T has crap coverage in parts of CA but I hear that pretty soon, other carriers will be able to support it.
    And then we will welcome you to the dark side!

  3. I had the exact same Razor Phone! I still have it somewhere, in my own box of electronics.

    Miss you! come back to SF soon and let’s get together…

    PS: the pool looks wonderful!

  4. The pool sounds like a good choice in warm Dallas….glad you got a charger for your phone. Critical.

  5. I’m not a cool kid, can I join your club?
    This is so funny; last year at Boston we forgot my charger and we googled Radio Shack too…and went walking all over the city to find it and buy a new charger. Thanks for the GREAT reminder today, I won’t forget it this year!

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