Posted by: forgingahead | April 8, 2010

I Love Running

I ran last night. And I was *so* happy!

It was like a perfect storm of circumstances. A lovely Spring evening. No wind. Beautiful sunset. Just me and the road.

Three and half weeks ago I was on a good running plan. And I did a 6 miler. Longish for me.

Then Bert and I started our 5 mile a day walking program and running took a back seat. Not enough hours in the day.

Then a week and half ago we did the now infamous 12 mile walk where my foot fell apart. I did a couple of walks between then and now and the foot seemed to be improving.

So last night I took the plunge. Put on my shuffle and headed out into the darkness. Wearing, of course, my lovely reflective vest. I’m like the mad crossing guard who patrols the streets of Noe Valley late at night.

I felt good. My foot felt good. And best of all I felt that lightness that comes from a bit of rest. Happy legs!


  1. I love to run…ain’t it great when it all works the way it’s supposed to…

  2. So so glad you got to run again. Funny how you take something away – even if just for a little bit – and that fire to do it comes rushing back!

  3. So glad you ran again.

  4. I loved my happy legs today too. We must have done something right. How’s the foot? NV?

  5. U go gurl! Proud of u!

  6. yea for running! Always feels good to get back to it.

  7. Running…yeah, only when chased. Or chasing…usually one of my nieces or nephews…
    But that is one snazzy reflecto vest!

  8. So proud of you. Keep on keeping on! Love you,


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