Posted by: forgingahead | March 30, 2010

Wisdom of Crowds Part II

I knew my people would come through! You guys rock. Thank you so much!!

I forgot to mention I did some weeding in the garden after we finished emptying the basement on Saturday. That always messes with my leg muscles because I’m a squatter. I don’t do the kneeling thing, though I know I should.

So, after reading through all of your good suggestions and questions I’m self-diagnosing the following:

Not plantar fascitis though I’m probably at risk or on the brink. A good excuse to get new running shoes! Meg, seriously, how do you work around that kind of pain and run the miles you do?

I did roll my foot around on a tennis ball last night and it helped. Not so much a burning pain as an ache.

Likely culprit – tight calf muscles – thank you Charisa for the tip and Mom & Tony too – most likely brought on by starting to ride Now Voyager more and excessive weeding.

Trigger point release on my calf helps too! Thank you RocketPants for the link to the page about trigger points. I think it is the same calf causing trouble.

I went for a swim yesterday and it felt so good to be able to move without bearing weight on my cranky right leg.

This morning we did a *short* walk. I swear the foot felt better as we went along so that’s a good sign.

The real irony is that if I’d been able to go to the yoga workshop with Clair as planned on Saturday I would probably be injury free. Darn that water heater.

A shout out to my buddy Maggs who podiumed at Lavaman in Hawaii this weekend. AFTER doing a hard core week of training too. Wow.

Thanks all for the advice! Now I have another burning question for you. How do you carry water on your long runs?


  1. Glad to hear that it might just be a calf issue. That means more that you just need to keep up with rolling out that calf…or do both. Especially since you are walking a lot. I find my calves get much more tight from walking…so make sure you are releasing those trigger points weekly if not every day. 🙂

    Long runs, I have one of those water bottle carriers that holds a 24oz bike bottle. It just straps around the waist. I’ve had it for years and bizarrely still love it. I have a fuel belt that looks at me and begs me to try it out, but still haven’t yet.

  2. Glad to hear that you are getting some relief. Didn’t think about the tennis ball–good stretching with that!

  3. I’m glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I should try that tennis ball thing though…sounds good.

  4. Glad it is feeling better!

  5. I’m so happy it’s better! How do I run with pain? It only hurts for the first 10 mins. Then, it stops and I’m fine. However, this is an ongoing problem and all the mileage and hills have taken their toll so BS gives me a foot rub(well, torments me is more like it)and I see my PT on Mondays and before exercises, he stretches my foot manually. This week, the pain is almost gone, yeah! I just have to be patient with the treatment.
    I do different things with water bottles, depending on the length of the run. My favorite right now is the single water bottle strapped to my CamelBak belt…for my 20 miler. Shorter runs, I carry my bottle with a handstrap.
    Hope this helps!
    Keep getting better 🙂 !

  6. You probably could have heard me squeal from where YOU are, the 1st time I tried to roll out my IT band w/the foam roller! but it does seem to be helping…
    Sorry, I’m no help on the water-carrying – that’s where my horse comes in as a pack mule 😉

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