Posted by: forgingahead | March 29, 2010

The Wisdom of Crowds

First of all a big CONGRATS to my girl Charisa for her stellar pro-debut at Oceanside this weekend. Just look at her smile!

I’m making a plea for my runner/triathlete/cycling friends to help me diagnose a pain.

The background. On Friday we did a truly beautiful bike ride in Marin basically around and up Mt. Tam. Up hills. Down hills. Sweeping view of the coast on one side of the ridge and the Bay on the other. 40 miles. 4,000 feet vertical climb.

Saturday was a horse ride in the morning. The afternoon was meant to be a 3 hour yoga workshop. This was preempted by a leaky water heater that was soaking the basement and a lot of stuff in it.

On Sunday we did a long walk/run. Started with a 6 mile walk – then ran 3 miles – then finished with another 3 mile walk.

My right hamstring was noticeably sore at the beginning of the walk/run on Sunday. Felt ok during the run.

Then, at about mile 10 (and I’m walking by this time) I sat down to rest.

Big mistake.

When I stood back up 5 minutes later I had a shooting pain in my arch.

This is new. And I’m flummoxed.

It’s still hanging around too – 24 hours later. I’m going to jump into the pool and see if I can get whatever is aggravated to loosen up.

In the meantime, anyone care to share their thoughts? I’m wide open to suggestions, thoughts, opinions. Bring ’em on.



  1. Ouch. Hope you figure it out. Last year my hamstring was sore for a couple months, then my groin, then my butt. Turned out to be sciatica (among other things). A pinched sciatic nerve can cause pain all the way up and down the body.

  2. Tony says maybe the sore hamstring made you walk different which caused the strained arch. Also, I was wondering if you have ever been told that you have plantar fasciatis? (basically flat feet,however you spell it)

    RICE it=Rest; Ice; Compression; Elevation
    Do light hand stretches of your arch
    all of the above:-)

  3. Oh, no! I tend to agree that you probably changed your stride to accommodate the hanstring and did something weird to your foot. Or maybe it was just a bad cramp? The yoga would have made everything feel better, or at least that’s what I’m hoping once I’m no longer sore.

  4. Is it a burning pain? Could if be planter facitis? I have that pain 5/7 days but I can work around it. Can you roll it out lightly on a tennis ball and get some relief?
    So frustrating!

  5. Ohhhh you are so sweet – thanks!

    As for the arch – does it hurt to massage it with your thumbs? Could be plantar fasciatis. I’d say also check out your calves and the muscles that run up the front of your shins – are those really tight?

    massage – you need one of those too 🙂
    keep me posted!!

  6. I agree with Charissa…might be PF especially since you have had something similar in your calf before. Is it the same calf/arch that acted up last time? I would go after your calf and look up the trigger point associated with it as well as the one with your hamstring. Hamstring might be a hip imbalance/glute issue. I’m no PT though 🙂

    Get a trigger point massage or look into some ART. Good luck! hope you feel better soon!

  7. […] last time I did this route (10 weeks ago) I walked most of it (ran 3 in the middle) and wound up lame so perhaps there was a little bit of fear. But I also had the confidence of my Vegas and race run […]

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