Posted by: forgingahead | March 25, 2010


This is my life this week…

Any week that starts with taking a taxi to the airport at 6am Monday morning is bound to have a hefty slice of spin involved.

The executive meeting event at the W Hollywood went really well. Then I booked it home on Tuesday while the rest of my team executed similar meetings in Seattle, DC and Atlanta. I swear, supporting these remotely is as much if not more work than being on-site.

The not so good news, very little triathlon training has taken place this week. No running, spinning, swimming or cycling since Saturday. Oh dear.

The good news – I did get on my horse this morning and he’s doing SO well! We’re back into full work and he’s loving it. As am I.

We did a quadrille on Sunday with three other horses (a true quadrille) and Now Voyager was like a big kid trying to keep up with Eddie, the fancy dressage horse who is about 30 percent bigger. So he takes bigger steps and NV was trying like mad to keep even with him as we trotted in patterns.

What else? Charisa has her big pro debut at Oceanside this weekend! She has the best mind-set for this racing stuff and is a total inspiration.

And on Saturday I get to do a yoga workshop with Sage Rountree – my cycling coach and another inspirational woman athlete. Plus my friends Michelle and Clair are going to be there too. I’m psyched!


  1. I’m so glad NV is doing well! Hope you can get back to the barn soon. I haven’t done much this week either, and I’m a little stiff as a result, so Saturday will be fabulous!

  2. That is so interesting that NV is so aware of his movements compared to the other horse. Did you just “feel” that or did someone else observe it too? I’m just fascinated by horses, they are so sensitive. I’m excited for Charisa too and her dad!
    Maybe you can catch up on workouts this weekend and the yoga workshop sounds heavenly. Please share your learning!

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