Posted by: forgingahead | March 14, 2010

Extending Mileage

What a great weekend! First of all, the sun came out. And stayed! After a torrential downpour on Friday everyone had giant smiles on their faces when Saturday dawned clear and cold.

Bert and I put in our first seriously long bike ride of the year. 30 miles – nearly 3,000 feet of climbing. We started in Tilden Park (Berkeley) and did a giant circle through Orinda, Moraga, Piedmont and more.

We got a pretty early start and the 45 degree temp was a bit brutal on the fingers and face for a first few descents. But we hit our stride heading into the sun and never looked back. I really love to ride my bike!

Our reward was a Bakesale Betty fried chicken sandwich and it really hit the spot!

I’m ashamed to say that the ride wiped me out enough to nap in the afternoon and I dragged my feet long enough that I ran out of light to go to the barn. I’ll have to get my endurance back up.

However, Sunday morning I headed out for a new 6 mile run route up and over Twin Peaks (well, really sort of up and around it) and into Golden Gate Park. They close one road to cars on Sunday and it was so early I could run down the yellow center line and not bother anyone.

I met Bert at Zazie’s on my way home and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast. Then walked home the final two miles together.

This time I did have the strength to get my butt to the barn and on the horse. My wonderfully sound and fun to ride horse. Though I’m pretty sure he could have kept going even when I was ready to call it a wrap.

All of that and it’s still light at 7pm! I’m so ready for Spring!


  1. That sandwich sounds delicious. Your nap, however,sounded even better. I did that too this afternoon and it was well-deserved and appreciated.
    I hope you enjoy the first week of DLS and the sunshine!

  2. I admire your energy for all this biking, running and riding. Wish I had but a fraction of it. This is definitely to be savored and appreciated. Glad you had a great weekend. Mine was good too but considerably less active.

  3. Your blog usually inspires me to exercise and in fact since starting to follow it have begun going to the gym and walking on treadmill but today all i can think of is how a great a sandwich called “bakesale betty chicken sandwich” must be! that must be the greatest chicken sandwich name of all time!!! I’m not sure any other name has ever conjured up a more perfect chicken sandwich image ever!! and its 1:45 am!! I’ll get you for this!! LOL

  4. I love that you got to run by twin peaks – so fun where you live! Nice work on the bike – that is a lot of climbing!!

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