Posted by: forgingahead | March 9, 2010

Wonderful Ride

How do I put joy into words?

That photo is from last October when Now Voyager was last perfectly sound and in steady work.

See the muscle? The gleaming coat. The smile on my face? That’s one of the last times Now Voyager and I had a day like that.

It’s been four very long months. Time filled with doubt and fear that my boy had some serious injury or a chronic lameness.

And then a few weeks ago, a miracle. NV took one sound step after another.

I was cautiously optimistic. Extremely cautious. Each ride was mostly walking with a tiny bit of trot added in small doses and only in a straight line.

Sunday we joined the quadrille practice and he seemed pretty good. We did mostly walk.

And then this morning? Perfection.

Anke, my trainer, and I were the only ones there at 7am in the 41 degree morning. One of those still, quiet and cold mornings that make you happy you’re alive.

She was riding a horse for a client who matched NV in size, color and temperament. And we rode side by side. A nice long 20 minute walk warm up for us and the horses as they got to know each other.

Then 20 minutes of continuous trot work around the big arena, changing direction every so often.

NV was in heaven. Showing off for the pretty girl horse and enjoying moving forward with his big fancy stride – pain free.

Life is good.



  1. That is fabulous! I’m so glad NV is recovered.

  2. the comeback from injury! always excellent!

  3. I’m smiling from ear to ear just reading this post.

  4. YEA for happy horse and happy you!!! 😀

  5. Great news! but I had to chuckle about your warm-up walk; you should have heard my buddy Lucy complain when I insisted we WALK IN from the finish line last weekend after 50 mi (about 1/4 mi). Lucy trots or lopes, she DOES NOT walk…

  6. I’m really happy for you….and indeed, LIFE IS GOOD!!!

  7. Yeah nv is back!! You look so beautiful on that horse!!! Very happy for you 🙂

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