Posted by: forgingahead | March 2, 2010

Grape Nuts Exposé

The Wall Street Journal did an exposé on Grape Nuts last year.

The big reveal? There are no grape nuts in Grape Nuts. Mostly because there is no such thing as a grape nut.

What’s in it then?

This next bit is borrowed directly from the WSJ article:

Mixed with yeast (one cup per 2,000 pounds) and water, the flour turns to dough, gets chopped into 10-pound loaves and sent into a huge oven — 1,610 loaves at a time.

The loaves then emerge from the oven and catapult into the darkness. An instant later, they hit the fan — a whirling high-speed shredder that rips them to smithereens.

So that’s what they are: effectively, compacted croutons. With some vitamins and minerals sprayed on. I’m crushed.

Here’s a Grape Nuts ad from the 1960s:

I’m laughing because Burke is my maiden name and maybe this ad – that came out around the time I was born – was early brainwashing.

Because I’ve been a Grape Nut fan for years. At least since the 80s. There’s something so satisfying about the serious crunch factor of this cereal.

But I’m also a fan of eating whole grains. So bye bye Grape Nuts.

On the training front we did a bike ride on Sunday – 16 miles and 1,600 vertical feet of climbing. FUN! Felt pretty darn strong too. I think it was the glorious day of sunshine and being able to ride in a short sleeved jersey that fueled my bike.



  1. i remember when I used to eat grape nuts all the time. In yogurt. So good. Now I use regular granola. not as crunchy, but real whole food.

  2. Oh no!!!! I love the cruch of the yummy Grape Nuts too!

    And what a ride! You go, you animal! I’ve not ridden my bike in almost a year and a half! I’m ashamed…

  3. I remember grape nuts getting kind of soggy after sitting in milk…how funny that we all have our own memories of Grape Nuts! I haven’t eaten them since I was little and back then, they seemed ultra healthy.
    Sounds like you had a steep, fun bike ride!

  4. AAAGGGHH!! How timely!! Everytime I read your blog I feel like I should be healthier! I started thinking about eating better but everyone seems to have a different idea of what healthy is!! I would have thought Grape Nuts was really healthy! Now I have to ride a bike too!!!! 🙂

  5. I remember the Grape-Nuts going soggy, then the bowl getting refilled for the next “take” – over and over again, for what seemed like hours under the hot lights of the set as our family made the 1968 Burke Grape-Nuts commercial. See it and all about it at our fun archive website:

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