Posted by: forgingahead | February 28, 2010

2010 Triathlon Schedule

I have a racing schedule!

I’m sitting here chuckling to myself because three years ago I would have laughed out loud if anyone had suggested racing anything. Well, maybe not if the race entailed eating malt balls. Ha!

Then in August 2008 I did my first ever triathlon. And it was a doozy. 1 mile swim – 34 mile bike – 10 mile run. That puppy took me 5 hours and 50 minutes and I was so thankful to see the finish line. I did a sprint race a month later just have the pleasure of putting all that fitness to use again. And to not finish nearly last.

July 2009 I tackled my first cycling century. It was awesome. I did another sprint in September because I didn’t want a year to go by without doing a triathlon.

So this year I’m making a commitment to a real schedule. Starting with a small race and building up to a half ironman in July. I think it’s extra cool that the 1/2 IM I picked takes place the day after I turn 45 years old!

April 18 – Baby Ice Breaker Triathlon in Granite Bay (Sacramento)
This is a super sprint to kick off the season – I picked it because my good friend Vikki lives nearby and I’m hoping she’ll join me and get hooked on triathlon too!
200 yd swim – 6.5 mile bike – 2 mile run

May 16 – Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon
I think this race attracts super fast folks but it’s sort of local for me and I like the idea of swimming in the UVAS Reservoir which is only opens for this one event. That plus it looks like a pretty setting! Very important consideration when picking a race, no?
3/4 mile swim – 16 mile mile – 5 mile run

June 5 – See Jane Run Half Marathon in Alameda
Since I’ll be tackling a half marathon in my half IM I thought it would be smart to give one a go in a race setting. And this one appealed to me with their “I run for chocolate and champagne” motto. That plus Clair is considering it too so I’ll have a friend!
13.1 mile run

June 27 – Golden Gate Triathlon – San Francisco
I’ve been wanting to do a race in SF but I’m not a huge fan of giant races with thousands of people. Nor am I interested in jumping off a boat in the bay near Alcatraz and swimming to shore. I’m not saying never, just not this year. So I was pleased as punch to find this race.

First off, how can you not love a race organizer called Tri Freaks? And then when I emailed them asking how many people would be in the race Stefan emailed right back and was super encouraging. Only 500 or so and they may have a wave just for novices who don’t want get run over. Nice!
1 mile swim – 22 mile bike – 6 mile run

July 31 – Barb’s Race in Santa Rosa
This is the big one for me! 70.3 miles of racing fun. I’m so stoked to be taking on this challenge! The best way I can think of to celebrate the passing of another year of living. Barb’s race is the women’s only version of the Vineman 70.3 race. From the site:

Barb’s Race is being held in honor of Barbara Recchia, a long-time Vineman volunteer and race committee member who has twice been faced with the daunting task of fighting cancer. Twice she has taken this challenge head-on and is currently living a full and healthy life.

1.2 mile swim – 56 mile bike – 13.1 mile run

A big giant thank you to Charisa for encouraging me and taking time to answer all of my novice questions which such openness. She’s a gem. And she’s fast. And she’s gone pro. Game on!



  1. That looks like a great schedule! Can’t wait to see how you do at them: -)

  2. Wow, you have BIG plans! That is so exciting. It’s so real once you post it and it’s on you blog, game on!

  3. Incredible! You can do it!
    I’m very impressed; you’re inspiring me.

  4. Look at you! What a great schedule. And it is a wonderful coincidence about your birthday.

  5. Awesome schedule and Barb’s race sounds like such fun. I love the idea of a birthday tri. Good luck!

  6. Yeah yeah – very fun 🙂 Can’t wait to see it unfold!

  7. i’m doing barb’s!

  8. good for you!! Awesome schedule..and you are going to totally rock the half. I know it. 🙂

  9. I can’t speak. I am in awe… and jealous! But mostly in awe and I stand and applaud! You are incredible! Take notes, cuz in 10 years, I want to do a half-iron.

    You are an inspiration!

  10. Great way to turn 45–being fit is the way to a long and healthful life. You are an inspiration. Love you!


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