Posted by: forgingahead | February 23, 2010

Snow Patrol and Palm Santa

Clearly I’m overwhelmed with stuff. I shall share a few tidbits with you, my favorite people.

Remember Snow Patrol? I worship them and then they blew out my delicate eardrums at a concert. Well, I haven’t quite forgiven them. And yet, I hear their new single on the radio and the volume dial goes up of its own accord and my toes start tapping. Darn them.

We spent a lovely week in Santa Barbara between Christmas and New Years. Here’s a very Santa Barbara interpretation of Santa!

I especially enjoy seeing beach Santa today – a day filled with water falling from the sky. Relentlessly.

I did get a good run in last night. I have a question for you running experts. Why would my right achilles start to hurt after never giving me trouble? Same shoes, same route, same speed. Maybe I need new shoes?

This morning I hustled out to the barn super early to beat the rain and I was successful! Now Voyager continues to be sound – just walking today since the arena was closed and the road is hard. Don’t want to irritate anything that might still be lurking.

Hope everyone has a great day!



  1. Please tell me you used that photo for a Christmas card. It’s adorable! Are you stretching really well? Just being tight could account for the sore achillies. Hope it feels better soon!

  2. Achilles pain can stem from a variety of thongs, usually the first likely culprit is tightness/inflexibility in your calves. Massage, stretch gently, ice, stay off hills, massage, ice…

  3. Yoga and massage. It could have come up from a number of things. I have tight calves too and I’m always fighting it. Good luck!

  4. So happy all is going well for you and N.V. Love the Santa Barbara photo of my adorable daughter on the beach!

  5. Clair – not only was the photo taken post Xmas I was a flake this year and didn’t do cards. Maybe I’ll use it for next year!

    Clair/Court/Charisa – thanks for the stretching tip. I get away with not stretching so much that I forget how important it is! I did yoga last night and feel better already. THANK YOU!!

  6. Check this book out and the trigger point associated with your achillies.

    Yoga won’t release those trigger points so sorta poke around on the back of your calf until you find a somewhat tender spot and that is your trigger point. Do some self massage to get it out and then stretch it. That will help a bit.

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