Posted by: forgingahead | February 22, 2010

Random Observations

1. Two people were reading the Bible on BART this morning. Should I be worried? Usually my fellow train riders are 100% with their noses glued to iPhones.

2. Early morning is this the best time to ride a bike through the city. I know, obvious, right? But we left the house at 8am on Saturday and had an easy cruise through SF on our way to Sausalito. Devoured another lemon poppyseed muffin at the old Trieste coffeehouse. YUM! On our way back home at 11am it was a different story. Really different. And stressful. But still an awesome bike ride! I love my bike.

3. My horse is magically cured. He is! Now Voyager is 11 days into being rock solidly sound. We’re still doing 80% walking wiht a little trot work sprinkled throughout the 30 minutes. He is raring to go! Wants to know why I won’t let him run and be the racehorse he is at heart. My heart is filled to the brim with happiness.

4. If I don’t have a race on the schedule I don’t train. Lazy girl. Shame on me. I gotta find a race quick. If I put in writing here I will do it! Stay tuned.

5. My genetics say I’m going to live to be 100. One of my great great aunts lived to be 103. My other great great aunt is celebrating her 100th birthday in a couple of weeks. We celebrated my grandma’s birthday this weekend – her 86th! That’s her on the left at my birthday last year…

6. If you wear a bright yellow coat people say funny things to you. I’ve been asked if I was going sailing. And a man on the bus asked me the other day if I was carrying the bright yellow plastic bag because it matched my coat. Really, it’s just the one the store gave me to keep the new rug I purchased from getting wet in the rain.

Sorry for the brief post – work is wicked busy these days and my brain is jammed with useless stuff that keeps crowding out my brilliant blog thoughts.



  1. Very glad to hear that your horse buddy is okay! If you’ve been getting even a smidgeon of the weather that we have been enjoying, these are the days to be outside with your animal friend!

  2. Ok, is that you laughing with your mom? She looks just like you and just as joyful. I love it! Your grandma looks vibrant and spry too. Yeah for great genes and great jeans(especially the genes!). Also, I’m thrilled to hear about NV…I didn’t hear the good news until today. Congrats and pats to him:) .

  3. Some great observations. Glad to hear NV is so much better!! Awesome!

  4. Hooray for NV! I’m so glad he’s feeling better. And where are you getting such strange comments about your coat? I ride the bus with a bunch of people who wear yellow reflective gear all the time.

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