Posted by: forgingahead | February 11, 2010


I’m officially dubbing 2010 the year of changes – the unknown – a year filled with mystery.


I submit into evidence the following:

1. Lame horse. Now Voyager is still lame and has been for 3 months. Poor boy. We’re off to UC Davis Vet School in the next couple of weeks for a second opinion. 3 months is too long.

Update from later that same day – I went to the barn, saddled up NV and went for our usual leisurely stroll around the arena. Something felt different though. He seemed a little more solid – wasn’t taking any ouchy steps. So after a good 20 minutes of walking I thought, why not. The footing is really nice and soft from the rain. There’s no else around to get him all wound up. Let’s try a few steps of trot.

OMG. Now Voyager went forward into the most beautiful trot without one tiny hitch in his step. My heart flew up into my throat. Could it really be? After a dozen or so steps we walked again.

I tried this routine a few times. Always in a straight line so as to avoid undue pressure on the injured hoof. And just a tiny bit at a time. He stayed rock solid.

The relief. People, I can’t convey the sheer relief. I’m going out there again today to see how he’s doing.

I figure if it was a soft tissue injury in the hoof then I need to bring him back slowly. Lots of walk – trot – walk transitions and work up to rebuilding.

I guess the threat of loading him on a trailer and hauling him to Davis scared him into healing 🙂

2. Double vision. I’m so lucky that it came and went quickly and after a battery of tests (blood, MRI, ultrasound) the official diagnosis is Thyroid Orbitopathy. So that’s one mystery solved. However, the fun part about this disease is it can come and go or come and stay and worsen or… Treatment is extreme and I refuse to research or talk about it. I’m going with “my eyes are fine now and will remain so.”

3. Our neighbor downstairs knocked on the door today and said she’s moving. Why? Because of foreclosure. When? Today. So perhaps she’s not the world’s most sharing type of person. I feel badly for her – had no idea she was in such financial straights. It’s either going auction or short sale -stay tuned because I’m going to be doing a post about the property in the hopes of finding a fun fellow athlete person to live in the building. We can train together!

I think that’s enough for one day – I’m feeling a little overwhelmed just writing that!



  1. Sorry to hear about those three challenges! I hope NV, I’m glad you’re taking him to a great place to get checked out. I also wish for an AWESOME athlete to buy the place below you! Stay positive, I’ll be hoping for the best!

  2. You have such an amazing attitude my friend. Your good health will go a long way toward dealing with your diagnosis.

    And the folks at UCD are amazing. If anyone can get to the root of what’s going on with NV, they can.

    Big hugs.

  3. Wow. I’m glad to hear that at least you know what it going on with your eyes. Hopefully you won’t have too many more problems with that.

  4. If I lived in SF I would buy it! 🙂 GREAT news about NV and I’m glad the double vision is gone for now – I hope it NEVER comes back!! You will have a great 2010 – lots of new adventures 🙂

  5. Well things are mostly looking up! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get a quiet but athletic neighbor.

  6. So glad NV is feeling better!

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