Posted by: forgingahead | February 8, 2010

Green School Transportation

On my run this morning I was passed by a set of parents shuttling their kids to school.

On this:

Of course they weren’t quite catching air. But I thought how brilliant!

Mom had daughter on hers and Dad had the son on his. Very boy/girl PC.

Each parent was in control with the kid tucked in front safe and sound.

This served many purposes…they avoided traffic, got some fresh air and moved faster than if they walked. Much faster because when they hit a hill and got off to walk the little boy started doing the exploratory/meandering walk kids do. Dad kept having to drop back and redirect him.

I’ve actually seen the mom with one kid do this before. She takes them school, drops them off and then scoots back home.

Today was cute because it was the whole darn family!

My run was S.L.O.W. Actually, it was probably kind of normal time-wise but my legs felt like lead. Perhaps it was leftover stuff from my sprint work Friday night.

Now Voyager is the same – we’re enjoying our walks and I’m practicing my yoga in the saddle. It’s pretty effective!

I’m still waffling on which races to do and whether or not to join the track workout group (bottom line is I’m a big fat chicken) and/or get some sort of coaching help and which Garmin to buy (though I have it down to 2 thanks to Charisa) and and and…

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions/recommendations and emails – RocketPants you rock!. They help a ton!



  1. awwwww…thanks for the shout out…you are too sweet 🙂

    Which two Garmin are you debating? We could all vote?

    Do you have to join the track club or could you ‘try it out’ for a little bit? Having someone in person to help is always, always a huge plus!

  2. I say JOIN the track group! I was a chicky-chicken and it’s changed my life in so many ways, really(that’s where I met supportive Charisa and a lot of other FAST, cool and smart runners). There are lots of surprises ahead for you, go for it! I received the Garmin 405 for Christmas and it’s my best friend. I love the HR monitor too, it’s my latest fascination. Wow, my heart works and it gets faster when I run and I can help it get stronger at a faster pace, duh!!! So fun!
    I saw a grandpa with a little guy on a scooter the other day at school. Too cute.

  3. What a cool way to get to school!

  4. Love that. When we went to Switzerland I went for a long run and watched as a mom got on a toboggan and put her 2 kids on it and they sledded down the hill to the town where there school was. Coolest thing EVER!!

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