Posted by: forgingahead | February 5, 2010

Baked Goods of San Francisco

Bert and I are developing a habit that is both super fun and a threat to my ability to fit into my jeans.

We’re walking to bakeries and coffeehouses.

Take, for example, the scrumptious chocolate croissant we picked up this morning on our ramble through the Mission District of SF.

Tartine Bakery has quite the following these days and I count myself exceedingly lucky to live in walking distance. And the croissant? Amazing. YUM.

Noe Valley Bakery is too close to my house to count as any sort of training. That doesn’t stop me from partaking in their Blueberry Almond Scones. I’m partial to scones with a decent amount of crunch and these fit the bill.

I used to have to walk to either Cole Valley or the Fillmore district to satisfy my craving for a chocolate hazelnut croissant. Then La Boulange moved into Noe Valley and now I’m cursed. I know, you feel my pain. Right?

Speaking of pain, my hamstrings have recovered and now I’m nursing a slightly sore knee from my run the other night.

Thanks to you guys I’m cutting myself a break and listening to my body. Run when I can – when my power is there (thanks Meg!) – and walk the rest of the time.

A shout out to my girl Clairnation who is doing the Kaiser Half this weekend. Fingers crossed we get some sun but she’ll rock it either way. Go Clair!



  1. I feel your pain(hunger pains that is)and your NEED for just one more chocolate croissant. Your walking trips sound like so much fun, I can almost smell SF as I read your words. I miss SF. I hope you have a dry weekend! Enjoy, meg!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! Sunday is going to be fabulous. If you’re in the market for baked goods a little further from home, there’s an Irish bakery on Geary at 20th or thereabouts that makes awesome scones.

  3. The pain I feel is envy…..I’d walk miles for good scones or croissants!!! Florida bakeries are virtually non existant and Publix baked goods??? blech!

  4. Nice to catch up on your blog. You have a devoted support group here. Your investigative journalism talents paid off with the MRI experience. Education is the best revenge. I am definitely jelly belly over the bakery situation. Florida and Palm Springs seem similar. Maybe all those retirees don’t buy fresh baked goods?

  5. I guess the median income for the seniors rules out bakeries…..good thig I live in NY 7 mos. out of the year…it’s easy to diet in Florida….

  6. I miss your bakeries! Nice work on listening to your body! Take care of her and she’ll take care of you for years 🙂

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