Posted by: forgingahead | February 3, 2010

Focused Running

I’ve noticed a trend lately in my running. When my mind wanders I slow to a walk. Are you noticing a theme to my posts these days? W.A.L.K. I feel like one of those blinky signs at a crosswalk

What on earth is the universe trying to tell me? To slow down? That doesn’t seem right. I’m already slower than usual.

Here’s what happens. I’ll be trucking along, grooving to my tunes. Then I’ll start pondering a problem. Yep, it seems like problems are the most direct contributor to this effect.

I snap out of my noodling and find myself walking.

Ah, if only I found myself running faster. Now that would be cool.



  1. I find myself thinking about issues in my life when I’m running and I do have to redirect my thoughts over and over again, especially if I’m trying to do a tempo run or something. It’s almost like when I’m doing Yoga. My tiny little mind just won’t behave. I try to be gentle on myself though…running is a good way to work out those issues. I have found that running with my ipod keeps my brain distracted from issues and I can also go faster. Then again, what’s wrong with walking? : )

  2. I love how your mind can just wander wherever it wants when you are running 🙂

  3. Depending upon what the intent of the run is…this can be a good thing. If the intent of the run is hard intervals…not such a good thing…but sometimes our body IS telling us what it needs. It depends upon what is going on in your life right now and possibly what your body needs is to walk and ponder some stuff. What I have found is by pushing through can be unhelpful for what is mentally plaguing me and frustrating because i am working against my body. But there are also times when what we need is TO push through and just let go of what is bothering us. It is a personal balance and only you can determine that. Lots of things have been going on in your corner lately and maybe what you need is to let them slow you to a walk.

    Sometimes the run is just not happening and I enjoy the walk way more than if i had pushed through but sometimes i have had to learn how to turn my brain off and move through it. You will figure out the right balance.

    (that was a bit of a ramble!!)

  4. lol, I find I also did that. Next thing I realised I was walking – WHY??

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