Posted by: forgingahead | February 2, 2010

Horse Yoga

I was at the barn early this morning. Now Voyager halfheartedly protested being pulled away from his flakes of leafy green alfalfa hay. But he knows I always have a carrot, some sugar cubes or horse cookies to make his time worthwhile.

With the place to ourselves we saddled up and headed into the arena.

Since NV is still recovering from his undiagnosed lameness we’re only walking. So I’m becoming and expert on what to do at the walk. To make things interesting for him. And for me.

I’ve figured it out! Yoga for Equestrians

I have this book at home and looked at it maybe once. I decided to wing it and started doing some arm stretches. NV wobbled a little bit wondering what I was up to but then he settled down into aimlessly cruising around the arena.

I pulled the book out of the bookshelf when I got home and will study it tonight.

Anke pulled up just as we were finishing our ride. She asked how he was doing. “Still ouchy on his foot but very relaxed under saddle,” I said.

“I know,” she replied, “he loves spending time with you. I can always tell when you’ve been out to see him. He’s just happy.”

My smile was epic.



  1. I know this sounds crazy but he does look happier when you’re in the picture, maybe that’s YOUR smile that I see though! Are you going to teach NV the downward dog 🙂 !

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