Posted by: forgingahead | February 1, 2010

My Friends Are the Best

Thanks to all of you fabulous people for your encouragement and thoughtful ideas about what sort of racing season to plan. This is group coaching at its best!

I’m going to give some thought to how much time I really have to train and perhaps I will attempt a 70.3 race this year. Maybe.

That would be SUPER fun!

I have a funny story to share. It was a sunny weekend here. Well, partly sunny.

And it had been so DARN rainy that Bert and I were just itching to spend as much time out of doors as possible.

On Saturday we walked to a fun coffeehouse, Bean There, in the Haight. Fabulous people watching spot. I feel hopelessly uncool as hipsters trek by in their porkpie hats (the boys) and fabulous tights and boots (the girls).

And on Sunday we walked to another fun coffeehouse, Farleys, in Potrero Hill. The hipster barrista behind the counter asked me if I was going sailing. Must have been the bright yellow cycling rainjacket I was wearing (see me not trusting the lack of rain?). Stuck out like a sore thumb.

The funny part of this story is after about 10 miles total walking around the city – up and down some serious hills – I have a dangerously sore hamstring. Go figure.

On the horse front the arena opened (it closes during rain to preserve the footing) so Now Voyager and I got to spend lots of quality time walking around with me in the saddle.

I was actually sore the second day. Sore from walking. Not trotting, posting, cantering. Walking.

My takeaway? Walking is hard.



  1. Walking is hard. But hamstring stretches are easy and they feel so good. A half Ironman is an amazing goal to ponder. How exciting!

  2. Yes ma’am! I’ve been trying to tell you that!

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