Posted by: forgingahead | January 28, 2010

In the Market for a Few Races

Now that my MRI adventures are behind me (pretty please to whoever up there decides whether or not there are to be more tests – hear my pleas) I’m in the market for a race or six.

This year I’m planning ahead. In 2008 I trained all year for one Olympic length triathlon. My first ever. And then did a sprint length one a month later just to feel fast.

In 2009 I trained all year for a bike century. My first ever. And then did a sprint tri a couple of months later just for fun.

This year I’d like to have some sort of racing plan that builds throughout the year. And I’m hooked on triathlon so I want to do more of those. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll attempt a half marathon. Something to jump start my running and break me out of my slowpoke pace.

I have a strategy question for you serious competitors. Is it good to start with shorter distance races in the early part of the year and build to the longer distance? Olympic is going to be my long distance – maybe the Big Kahuna in Santa Cruz. Ironman still scares me. Maybe next year.

So what should it be? I’m such a novice.

And if any of you are racing in the Bay Area let me know and I’ll add that to my list too. It would be super fun to be in the same race as a friend – even if you’re at the front and I’m at the back!

I have to get with the program…can you believe Vineman is already sold out?!



  1. You are my hero! I run too and someday before I bite the dust I’d like to have a marathon under my belt…

    But I love that you went through your MRI and just picked up your goals and kept looking forward…

  2. These are some fun thoughts and plans. I heard about Vineman, I didn’t know it was so popular but I don’t know too much about tri’s. How was the MRI?
    I was thinking about you…

  3. try local races, trical has lots of races. santa cruz is a good triathlon, big kahuna, etc.

  4. Just for fun, how about Bay to Breakers on 5/16? I kind of feel like all of us who have to train on our hills should use that to our advantage at least once a year. And, you know, costumes are fun too.

  5. I am glad to read that your MRI went smoothly. I am crossing my fingers for a known cause that is easy and not complicated to address.

    As for races, do you mean half ironman? Isn’t Big Kahuna a half ironman (as well as vineman). I suggest longer races at the end of whatever your ‘season’ is going to be so that you can build up to that. since I live in socal…my season starts in March and i am building to ironman CDA at the end of June. I actually have no plans to do triathlon after that so I can have a break…but i will be doing 2 olympics and a half ironman as prep. Big Kahuna is far enough away that you can use the shorter races as prep. Is that still in Oct like last year? My biggest suggestion is to NOT start your season too soon. If BK is your A race, don’t start racing too far in advance because you will get burned out.

    i advocate using a coach because i have had so much success with having a coach. Opened my eyes to how to train and how to be an ‘athlete’ and push myself. But that isn’t for anyone. if you are looking for different training plans, drop me an email i can point you to a few that might be helpful.

    happy training and i’m glad NV is happy and healthy again. Sorry i’ve been off the map…but i HAVE been reading.

  6. I’m with rocketpants. If I do long stuff I like it to be later because the long ones take the zip out of your legs and make the short stuff harder. Hope no more tests are needed!

  7. You’re such an inspiration – makes me want to be more fit. Thanks for keeping me thinking about my workouts!

  8. I’m about as far from a serious competitor as you can get (if you’re talking about just me!), but I have already signed myself up for a half on 3/14… [I’ve done 3 previous halves but the last one was 3 yrs ago!]
    I’ll be going really really SLOW [my feet, my knees], but I figure if I can ask 50 mi of my ponies, the least I can do is 13.1!

  9. I say do whatever you find more fun. The longer ones will take a little more time to train for. If you have time and want to try one I’d say go for it.

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